5 Reasons why you should use WordPress

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Date: February 14, 2015, Comments: 0,  Author: Filip Kunjadić - Ćulibrk

5 Reasons why you should use WordPress

1.It’s easy to keep your data updated!

add page in wordpressWe live in a modern world where information is available anytime – anywhere. Today, getting information is as easy as taking out your phone and reading news on your favorite website. That is why we need to assure that information we provide is always fresh, otherwise we will start to lose our readers / customers.

Here comes the WordPress! WP will provide us with great and simple-to- manage admin panel that is ready for using “out of the box”! If we want to add page to your website, all we have to do is to click “pages->add new”. And that is it! Incredible, isn’t it? We just need to simply fill it with our content and keep it updated! Please let us remind you that WP platform is absolutely free to use for private / commercial purposes!

2.Cost is not an issue when it comes to WordPress!

Nowadays, having a website is a usual “thing”. And why is that? Answer is very simple. If you have your own business, people who try to google your business by name or address, won’t find you if you don’t have your website online.

Today you can get your web hosting from $2.25/month (plus a domain name which is 15$/year) and the site itself from 99$ (please note that these numbers may vary depending on your provider). If we put it all together we get a really silly number of 141$ for the whole thing! Silly isn’t it?

3.”Hmmm… But I want my site to be different!”

ThemeForest siteOf course, you don’t want to have a generic website that will not standout from the crowd! That is the reason why we, at PIXEL2GO, love WordPress! WP is able to support more then one theme (please keep in mind that only one theme at the time can be active). So, if you are in need for a different look, we advise you to take a look at ThemeForest! TF is a great place where you can choose and get your WP theme easily and with no stress at all! On TF, minimum price for a WP theme is 28$. And not to  mention about number of available themes. Currently there are over 5,000 themes just on ThemeForest!

But, If that doesn’t suit your needs we are here to help! Our primary goal is to develop a custom WP theme just for you or your business. Feel free to take a look at our portfolio, and don’t hesitate to contact us using the form bellow !

4.”But I need some additional functionality!”

Once again WP developers had that in mind as well! WordPress has a section called “plugins”, where you can manage, like the name says, your plugins. You are now probably asking “what is a plugin?”.

Please allow us to answer that. Plugins are pieces of code that can be installed into your WordPress website (a great example is contact form in the footer)! These pieces can be set according to your needs easily with just a few clicks and with almost no knowledge of coding whatsoever! There are tons of free plugins that in most cases will fit your needs! In case that they don’t, you can always contact us using the contact form and we will be happy to help you setup your plugin or choose the right one for you! If we can’t find the right plugin for your special purposes, we are here to create a custom one, just for you!

5. “I want to be seen on google!”

No problem! WP is built with keeping everything in mind!  SEO optimization is very important when it comes to your website. But we will cover it in another post later. You can easily manipulate your SEO with just one plugin!

We, here at PIXEL2GO, use SEO by YOAST! It is a great plugin that will help you optimize your website so that google can index it better and faster. This plugin will also provide you with all the hints that are necessary while setting up your SEO data! Of course, If you get stuck, we are here to provide you with the assistance that you need in order to get your website “back on track”! SEO optimization is part of our daily routine, if you have any questions about it – Feel free to contact us!

We think that WordPress is a great platform, and we encourage you to give it a try! It is built on PHP (open source language) and can be easily modified! But that will be covered in some other post!